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Philosophy study skills


The Study Skills service offers support and learning materials to enhance your study and academic skills. These are co-created by students, lecturers and study skills experts. 

Philosophy requires techniques of reading, writing, and speaking that are specific to the discipline. The skills you need to practice philosophy do not always come easy, but practical strategies can be learnt to build up these skills. The library holds many resources to help you improve your academic skills at all levels of study and research. Below are some examples useful for philosophy:


Academic study skills


Philosophy study skills


Philosophy research methods


Research methods database


Online resources on how to write a philosophy essay

The philosophy department provides advice about developing your philosophy skills on Blackboard, the university's online learning environment. Below are links to some of these resources, developed by experienced philosophy teachers, and tried and tested by many students.


James Pryor's Guide to Writing a Philosophy Essay

Bryan Roberts' 'Steps to a Better Philosophy Essay'

Peter Horban's Guide to Writing a Philosophy Essay

York's Guide to Writing a Philosophy Essay

Harvard Writing Centre's Guide to Philosophical Writing

And, finally, 

James Lenman's 'How to Write a Crap Philosophy Essay'


Online resources on preparing for philosophy exams

Nigel Warburton's '5 Tips for Preparing Philosophy Exams'


Featured books on philosophy skills

The Critical Thinking Toolkit

The Ethics Toolkit

The Philosopher's Toolkit