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Learn where to find journals articles on the library webpage, and how to discover these on databases.


Find articles on Library Search

Use Library Search to read journal articles online if you know their title and author name(s).

Use Find an eJournal, the library's A to Z of digital journals, to see which journals we have in the library.


Key databases - philosophy articles


Other useful databases

Why use databases?

Use academic databases if you want to do a quick and thorough search for a topic across many digital journals and books. They will allow you to do a more in-depth and focused search compared with Library Search or Google. You won’t find these resources on free search engines like Google. By reading journal articles, you keep up to date with quick-paced research before it becomes incorporated in books. 


Tips on using databases

Some databases include full-text versions of articles and others only have bibliographic details. When the full text is not available, try the Get It @Bristol Univ button to see if there is a link to the full text in the library.

Philosophy databases cover the most current and comprehensive bibliographies of research in journals. Multi-disciplinary databases, like Web of Science, are excellent for finding philosophy materials, including those that intersect with other disciplines and areas in science, social sciences, arts and the humanities. These are useful for tracing the impact of philosophers' research within and across disciplines.


Database research tutorial

Effective research with databases

A self-help tutorial on effective research with databases.

Guide to PhilPapers