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Table 5, J. Sowerby, A new elucidation of colours, 1809. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Media and film

You can access newspapers, television broadcasts and films through the Library. You can also view philosophy podcasts and interviews on the internet.



The Library provides access to current and archival newspaper content from a wide variety of UK and international sources.


Film and television

You can watch feature films, documentaries and TV broadcasts via the Library's film and TV databases.


Philosophy and film

Film-Philosophy is an open access, online journal. It is dedicated to the engagement between film studies and philosophy, exploring the ways in which films develop and contribute to philosophical discussion. 


Podcasts and videos

  • History of Philosophy without Any Gaps - Podcasts cover Africana, Islamic, Jewish, Indian, classical and medieval philosophies.
  • Wi-Phi - Accessible video introductions to philosophy with experts from around the world.
  • Philosophy Bites - Short interviews with philosophers on various topics.
  • In Our Time: Philosophy - Recordings of the philosophy programmes on BBC radio 4. Themes and philosophical debates range from altruism to Hannah Arendt.

Help with newspapers

Bundle of newspaperes

The Library has guidance for people looking to use newspaper archives for their research.

Library Search

Search books, journal articles and more provided by the University of Bristol Library