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Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1970-2020

The period from the 1970s to the present day has produced an extraordinarily rich and diverse body of Caribbean writing that has been widely acclaimed. Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1970-2020 traces the region's contemporary writings across the established genres of prose, poetry, fiction and drama into emerging areas of creative non-fiction, memoir and speculative fiction with a particular attention on challenging the narrow canon of Anglophone male writers. This volume is one of three which focus on Caribbean literature since 1800.

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval British Manuscripts

The scholarship and teaching of manuscript studies has been transformed by digitisation, rendering previously rarefied documents accessible for study on a vast scale. The Cambridge Companion to Medieval British Manuscripts orientates students in the complex, multidisciplinary study of medieval book production and contemporary display of manuscripts from c.600-1500.

Bad English: literature, multilingualism, and the politics of language in contemporary Britain

Bad English investigates the impact of increasing language diversity, precipitated by migration, globalisation, and new forms of communication, in transforming contemporary literature in Britain. Considering writers whose work engages experimentally, playfully, and ambivalently with English's power, while exploring what it means to move between forms of language, it makes the case for literature as the pre-eminent medium to probe the terms of linguistic belonging, and for a diverse and growing field of writing in Britain defined by its inside/outside relationship to English in its institutionalised forms.

Virgil's English Translators: Civil Wars to Restoration

This book considers the writers who translated Virgil into English during the English civil wars, the Interregnum and the early years of the Stuart Restoration (c. 1636-c. 1661). It argues that these writers translated Virgil in order to display and interrogate their political loyalties, articulate personal responses to past traumas and express their hopes for the country's future.