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Library Search

When working on assignments, it is likely you will need to look beyond your course reading lists for information.

Library Search is the tool used at Bristol to enable you to search across all our Library resources:

  • The physical books held in our eight libraries
  • Our Library eBooks and eJournals
  • The articles within the eJournals we subscribe to
  • Open access publications and academic resources

The Library Search system is used by other libraries Worldwide, notably in the USA, so you can see their resources too.

Wills Library

Search for a reference

If you have a reference to a publication you can use Library Search to find out if the Library gives you access to it.

  • Search for the main author's surname and some keywords from the title.

A good way to widen your research is to follow up the references listed at the end of relevant books or journal articles.


Search by topic

 Library search enables you to search for Library resources by topic:

  • Search for keywords relevant to your topic.  

To find eBooks on your topic: run the search then in the left margin Refine the Search by Format: eBooks.

To find find journal articles by topic: note that while Library Search offers a quick way to find some articles, if you want to be more systematic and go beyond Library collections you should use Library databases.

Help with Library Search

Help with Library Search

The Library has provided tips on how to use Library Search optimally.