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Finding resources

We recommend different strategies for finding information at different times:

Of course you are welcome to use other search tools but you may find it saves you time to use these, as they focus on finding academic information, and link to the resources the Library has paid for (print and online) giving you free access if you are a member of the University.

Library eResources

A huge number of Library resources are now online: 

  • eBooks: the Library buys eBook copies of items on reading lists, where available from the publishers (not all are)
  • eJournals: the Library has a "digital first" policy and so most of our journals are now online-only

Access is free for members of the University - find out how to access to electronic resources on and off-campus.

The Medical Library

Dentistry books and journals can all be found in the Medical Library. 

  • Dentistry books are in the Book Room on Level B
  • Dentistry journals are in the Journal Stacks on Level A

Having said that Dentistry students and staff are welcome to use any of the nine University Libraries, or Study Centres - you can use the computers and study spaces, or borrow books from any of them at any time. Bring your Ucard to enter the library buildings and to borrow books.

Use the drop-down menu from the Finding Resources tab at the top of the page to learn more.

Suggest a book purchase

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Suggest a book purchase

If there is a book you would like us to buy, please fill out the form.