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Anthropology and Archaeology

Study and research skills

The Study Skills service offers support and learning materials to enhance your study and academic skills. These are co-created by students, lecturers and study skills experts.  

The library holds many resources to help you improve your academic skills at all levels of study and research. Below are some examples useful for anthropology and archaeology:


Academic study skills


Anthropology and archaeology study skills

The Anthropology and Archaeology department provides advice on essay writing and other forms of assessment in unit content on Blackboard, the university's online learning environment.


Sage Research Methods


You can:

  1. Browse entries by Discipline (e.g. Anthropology which also encompasses Archaeology).
  2. Under Research Tools, consult the Methods Map (e.g. Survey).
  3. Under Research Tools, use the Project Planner to design and plan a research project.

Methods include: qualitative and quantitative methods; fieldwork; participation observation; visual analysis of photographs and video; interviews; spatial databases for archaeology. 


Research methods and techniques

Browse  Library Search  to find materials, for example indigenous methods or archaeological techniques

Featured books on methods and techniques