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Anthropology and Archaeology

Fish trap, Kepke artist (maker), mid-20th c, Liberia; National Museum of African Art Collection.. US.


Images and other artifacts

Images and other artifacts are key primary sources for anthropology and archaeology. Primary sources are the original first-hand records of a particular culture, event, time period, or an original research study. These primary sources are curated in archives, libraries and museums.  You can consult these via specialist subscription databases as well as publicly available online collections provided by museums, heritage sites and other cultural institutions.

The Library holds a large collection of printed materials that research and publish such sources. You can find these via Library Search. These include archaeological reports, site publications and catalogues of artefacts and art objects. 

Image databases

Museums, collections and heritage

For specific units, your resource lists direct you to the organisations, professional bodies and collections that  are most relevant to your learning and professional development. Below are further resources that may inspire you in your discovery of digitised primary sources relevant for your research.


Preservation of indigenous heritage


Selective collections and archives 

Institutions produce digital reproductions of  primary sources that can be searched  for remotely in collections and archives. These include reproductions of images and other artifacts, landscapes and the built environment.


Local collections and archives 

These are located in Bristol and the south west region.

Special Collections



The University of Bristol Special Collections contains a vast and diverse range of materials dating from the 11th century to the present day.