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Library Support

If you are not able to get to the Library easily, Library Support provides additional services which can help you:

  • postal loans (UK only)
  • scanning facilities (for chapters of printed books or journal articles)

You'll need to register with Library Support to use these facilities. 

For full details and advice on how to register, please visit the Library Support page.

Suggest a book purchase

If there's a book that you need to read for your studies, but the Library doesn't have it in its collections, you can suggest a purchase, either by emailing me or using the suggestion form. Please only use this facility if you consider that the book is essential to your work. 

Inter library loan

This facility is useful if you need to read a journal article that is not in the collections. Please only use inter library loan if you think that the resource is essential to your study or research.

Inter library loan is available to students based in the UK.

Your Subject Librarian

Damien McManus

Your Subject Librarian

Damien McManus


Tel: +44 (0)117 42 82186 | Internal 82186

Please contact me via email for advice and guidance on using the Library.