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Books and eBooks

The Medical Library holds the main collection for Anatomy and related topics. The Library provides access to all the essential, recommended and further texts on your reading lists. Print collections are arranged by the Cunningham Classification scheme (an alpha-numerical scheme). Many more, older books are also kept off-site in our Research Reserve facilities.

In addition to physical book collections, the Library also provides access to a large and growing number of eBooks which can be accessed on or off campus.

Books and eBooks can be found by searching the Library Catalogue. You can search by criteria such as author, title, and subject. The catalogue will provide you with a link to the eBook or with details of the library that holds the book together with its location and availability.

If you feel that the collection is missing a key item you need then please let us know by filling in a 'Suggest a book purchase' form. Your recommendations are always welcome.

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