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Journals and journal articles

Journals are the main way in which scientists present their research findings and open up their work to the scrutiny of others.

The Library purchases access to a huge number of these journals across all subjects.

Where journal articles are included in a resource list, you can click on the link to access the full text. Otherwise, if you know the specific journal you want, you can find it through Library Search or from the Library's Find an ejournal page: search by the name of the journal and then follow links to the year, volume number and page number of the article you want.



If you are on campus you can access most databases and ejournals directly.

For off-campus access, follow the links provided on Library pages to ensure you can access all of our subscribed content. You can also install a browser plugin to help like Kopernio.


Doing your own research

When you want to find out for yourself what has been published in journals on a particular topic, you can use tools like Google Scholar for quick searches, but for more precise or thorough searching, it's best to use a library database. See the Databases section for more information.

Find an ejournal

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Find an ejournal

You can find all the ejournals the Library subscribes to here. Search by title or keyword.