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Psychological Science



Referencing well will improve the quality of your academic work and help you avoid accidental plagiarism.

If you are new to referencing then the following link is a useful starting point to the foundational principles behind why, when and how we reference our sources:


For guidance on how to cite specific types of resource in a range of referencing styles, the Cite Them Right website is a useful resource:


APA Referencing Guidelines

The School of Psychological Science uses the APA referencing style.  As well as Cite Them Right, the following guides may be useful when using APA:


Reference management software

Reference management software can make collecting, storing and using references easier. EndNote reference management software is available for free to University of Bristol students and staff. You can access Endnote Online here:

Useful books


Notebook and laptop


Use EndNote reference management software to collect, store and import references into your work.