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History of Art

Van Gogh - Irises

Academic Literature


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You can use Library Search to search for general academic resources. It is particularly useful for finding books and journals but you can also use it to find individual journal articles.

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Subject databases

The following databases will enable you to search across the academic literature for history of art to find relevant journal articles and book chapters.


Key databases
Other useful databases

Key databases

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Major database of academic journals, books, and primary sources for humanities.

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Project Muse

Humanities and social sciences journals from over 60 scholarly publishers.

Database research tutorial

Effective research with databases

A self-help tutorial on effective research with databases.

Understanding your resource list

Understanding your resource list

A self-help tutorial on understanding resource lists and planning your reading.

Looking beyond your reading list

Advice and a self-help tutorial on finding material beyond items recommended in your reading list.