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Religion and Theology

Illuminated manuscript

Primary sources

The following primary source databases cover sacred texts and other religious writings relating to different religions and historical time periods.

Ancient and Medieval

Primary religious texts from the ancient world and the middle ages.


Primary religious texts and other sources from the early modern period through to the present day.

Featured primary source databases

Loeb Classical Library

Loeb Classical Library

Online access to a wide range of works by ancient authors in their original Greek and Latin with facing translations in modern English

Arcadian Library Online

Arcadian Library Online

Digitised collections exploring the shared cultural heritage of the Middle East and the West, with a particular focus on diplomacy and the history of science and medicine

Digital Karl Barth Library

Digital Karl Barth Library

Works of key 20th-century Christian theologian Karl Barth, including critical editions of his German works ("Gesamtausgabe") along with his magnum opus, the "Kirchliche Dogmatik" or "Church Dogmatics"

Database research tutorial

Effective research with databases

A self-help tutorial on effective research with databases.