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Visiting Special Collections during the Coronavirus emergency

Handling Special Collections material

Make sure that you have washed your hands and have not applied moisturiser or sanitiser.  

Support bound volumes and pamphlets on the book cushions or foam blocks supplied to you at all times when you are reading them. 

Book cushions are used for bound volumes that do not have a fragile hollow spine and foam blocks for those that do. Foam blocks are also used for items with limp binding structures (e.g. pamphlets). 

Never apply force to make a binding open further. 

Do not open bound volumes to an angle of more than 120 degrees. 

Angle volumes upwards towards you only slightly, if at all. 

Hold pages in position using the weights provided. Drape them gently over the edges of pages and remove them very carefully before turning to the next opening. 

Keep loose papers in the order in which you find them. 

Ask for gloves to handle photographs if they have not been provided. 

Never rest anything on materials being consulted and keep pencils notepads and computers at a safe distance. 

Ink pens cannot be used in the Reading Room.  

Library materials must never be marked or altered in any way. 

If you wish to take photographs, you must seek permission. It is a good idea to ask about copying when arranging your appointment. 

Volumes must not be pushed flat for photography. Photograph one page at a time if you cannot focus on two at once. 

Eating and drinking in the Reading Room are forbidden.