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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wills Library

Library Search 

Learn how to find innovation and entrepreneurship sources via the library webpage.


Library Search is the gateway to the Library's print and online collections of books, journal articles, audio visual and other materials. You can use Library Search to:

  • find specific books and journal articles if you know bibliographic details, such as their title and author name(s).
  • discover resources by using keywords relating to your topic.

You can look up these search tips on using Library Search.


Innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital library

As a student, you can access the extensive collection of digital books and articles from anywhere in the world through the Library webpage.  Books are available in digital or print form, with some available in both these forms. Most of the articles you need are available in digital form.


Innovation and entrepreneurship in the print library

Most of the print books and journals you need are located in the Arts and Social Sciences Library.  Library Search will show you when print books are also available in digital form.

The Arts and Social Sciences Library also covers:

  • Accounting and Finance, Economics and Management
  • Sociology,  Politics, Anthropology, Technology, History of Science, Philosophy

There are useful related materials in the following libraries:

Help with Library Search

Help with Library Search

The Library has provided tips on how to use Library Search optimally.

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