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Scholarly literature

This section guides you through finding writings by scholars who discuss literary works and their historical, cultural and social contexts. These are often known as secondary works.

There are two main ways to discover secondary works: via Library Search and specialist bibliographical databases. 

Library Search

Library Search is the Library's main catalogue and a great starting point for your study and research. Use it to find individual books and journal articles, and books and journals on your subject. 

For advice on using Library Search to find books and articles, refer to the tutorial below or contact me.

Wills Library

Bibliographical databases

Bibliographical databases, sometimes known as subject indexes, provide records of scholarly books, articles, conference papers and doctoral theses. They enable you to do deeper, richer research, and are particularly useful for longer essays and dissertations/theses.

Use of Library Search to find key books on your subject is recommended before you turn to bibliographies/indexes to do more in-depth research.


Library Search tutorial

New book spotlight

Bibliographical database tutorial

Database tutorial image

This interactive tutorial guides you through the process of using databases optimally to find information on your topic. It should take about 30 minutes to complete.

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