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Government publications

Information on the structure of UK Government can be found on the GOV.UK websiteFor older government publications, statistics and information search the UK Government Web Archive.



UK parliamentary papers listed on this page:


UK Education history

A-Z list of subject guides

Subject librarians assist students and academics in all programmes across the university. We provide 1-2-1 assistance with finding information, evaluating resources and referencing. Many of the subject guides produced for other programmes will also be useful for you. 

For students on the PGCE programmes, many of the subject guides - for example English, History, Geography and Mathematics - will be interesting and relevant for subject content. See the link above the find other useful guides.

The subjects below will also be insightful when looking at education:

Think tanks

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a think tank as 'a group of experts who are brought together to develop ideas and give advice on a particular subject' (Cambridge Dictionary 2020).

Whilst some think tanks are independent, others have political leanings. As always, read critically and evaluate resources to assess their suitability for inclusion in your writing.



A charity is a charitable organisation set up to provide assistance to those in need. They are not-for profit organisations, usually with a specific theme such as health, education or another social, medical or economic basis. They are officially recognised (e.g. in the UK, they must be registered with and are regulated by the Charity Commission).

International & Multilateral organisations

Pile of books

Featured resource

"The lives of children and young people worldwide are inextricably linked to the amount and quality of education they receive. At NFER, our mission is to improve outcomes for future generations everywhere and to support positive change across education systems" (NFER, About us, 2020).

NFER was founded in 1946. They carry out research and publish reports on a range of key topics drawing on strong academic and professional expertise.