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Anthropology and Archaeology

Detail, pepetu (apron)  by Ndebele, artist, South Africa, in National Museum of African Art, US.


Marika Zeimbekis

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Marika Zeimbekis


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Welcome to the anthropology and archaeology subject guide!


Introduction tutorial

Introduction to the Library


This quick guide introduces the different resources and services available through the library.

How can your subject guide help you?

This guide saves you time and helps you to find resources as you need them.

It gives you information on how to use the library and internet effectively so that you can: 

Once you know how to find and select these works, they are an amazing source for thinking, writing and practising anthropology and archaeology. You can find the resources you need for your essay, discover more about a topic, and follow debates in the literature.  


How can your Subject Librarian help you?

I can support you to:

  • find and use information
  • evaluate academic resources
  • research a topic
  • avoid plagiarism and reference correctly


Using the Library

Learn the basics of using the Library Service at the University of Bristol by looking at the tutorial below.

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Suggest a book purchase

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