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Anthropology and Archaeology

Detail, pepetu (apron)  by Ndebele, artist, South Africa, in National Museum of African Art, US.


Marika Zeimbekis

Your Subject Librarian

Marika Zeimbekis


For subject support, you can book an online meeting with me here.

You can email me to book a meeting in the Arts & Social Sciences Library.

The library provides access to many specialist resources for Anthropology and Archaeology. This guide helps you to navigate through these resources and discover high quality academic resources. 

Students and staff are welcome to contact me for help and advice regarding:

  • library services and resources
  • finding and accessing information
  • referencing
  • book, ebook and other resource recommendations for purchase.

The subject librarian team works collaboratively to meet your needs across disciplines.

Introduction tutorial

Introduction to the Library


This quick guide introduces the different resources and services available through the library.

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Suggest a book purchase

If there is a book you would like us to buy, please fill in the form here.

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